by weronika

Speechless in Japan trailer

Weronika, a young film director, travels alone to Tokyo and decides that she would only follow her intuition. By chance she meets an extravagant 63-year-old man, Yamada San, who dresses like a woman.

She cannot speak Japanese. He does not speak English. Throwing caution to the wind, Weronika tells this intriguing man she would like to, “follow him wherever he goes”. They communicate solely through translations of people met at random on the streets. 

After accepting each other regardless of their differences, they discover a new language where the story twists unexpectedly and things begin to change. This is a story about seeing yourself in the reflection of another.

Dir/Dop Weronika Mliczewska
Executive Producer: Tomek Dławichowski
Executive Producer: Filip Tomann
Creative Producer: Derrick Ogrodny
Editor: Krzysztof Woźniak
Music in the film: Wojciech Tukan
Music in the trailer: Bartłomiej Spasowski
Production: Timecode, Ya Man Studio, Territory Films

Speechless in Japan - trailer